Beauty Doth Not Pass Away

girl crying with hair flying

14×17″ colored pencil and pen on paper
June 8, 2012

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Inspired by Within and Without by George MacDonald, specifically the following passage:

And weep not, though the Beautiful decay
Within thy heart, as daily in thine eyes;
Thy heart must have its autumn, its pale skies,
Leading, mayhap, to winter’s dim dismay.

Yet doubt not. Beauty doth not pass away;
Her form departs not, though her body dies.
Secure beneath the earth the snowdrop lies,
Waiting the spring’s young resurrection-day,
Through the kind nurture of the winter cold.

Nor seek thou by vain effort to revive
The summer-time, when roses were alive;
Do thou thy work–be willing to be old:

Thy sorrow is the husk that doth infold
A gorgeous June, for which thou need’st not strive.

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