I Shall Die For Love of a Maiden


9×12″ watercolor on paper
July 29, 2012

Inspired by the story of Cosmo in Phantastes by George MacDonald, specifically the following passage:

Meantime, how fared Cosmo?

As might be expected in one of his temperament, his interest had blossomed into love, and his love — shall I call it ripened, or — withered into passion?

But, alas! he loved a shadow. He could not come near her, could not hear a sound from those sweet lips, to which his longing eyes would cling like bees to their honey-founts.

Ever and anon he sang to himself:

“I shall die for love of the maiden,”

and ever he looked again, and died not, though his heart seemed ready to break with intensity of life and longing.

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