A Long Way We Have Come, Farther Yet We Must Roam

Fearless She Laid Her Hand in Mine

16×16″ oil on canvas
September 1, 2012

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Inspired by the following stanzas from “The Hills” by George MacDonald:

“And in my wanderings I did meet
Another searching too:
The dawning hope, the shared quest
Our thoughts together drew;
Fearless she laid her hand in mine
Because her heart was true.

She was not born among the hills,
Yet on each mountain face
A something known her inward eye
By inborn light can trace;
For up the hills must homeward be,
Though no one knows the place.

Clasp my hand close, my child, in thine–
A long way we have come!
Clasp my hand closer yet, my child,
Farther we yet must roam–
Climbing and climbing till we reach
Our heavenly father’s home.

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