It’ll Eat Away At Me…..

2013-01-26 10.58.25After picking up Claire from arboretum camp:

Me: So did you have fun today, sweet girl?

Claire (6yrs): …..Uh…..kind of…

Me: Awe, what wasn’t so great about it?

Claire: A boy in my class said some mean things to me….

It ….. it hurt my heart.

Me: Oh no! I’m so sorry! Did you tell him to stop?

Claire: Yeah, but it didn’t help.

Me: Did you say something to your teacher? She could help, you know.

Claire: [shakes head stubbornly] I just want to tell my mommy.

Me: Awe, sweet girl, I’m glad you did. I can’t do much when I’m not there.

Claire: I know. But you still make it all better.

Me: [sigh] What did the little boy say?

Claire: [withdraws and grimaces] I don’t want to say it. [sighs and looks out window]

Me: Awe, okay. You sure?

Claire: [gets heated and semi-philosophical] Yes. You know why? If I say his words again out loud, I’ll remember them more, and they’ll eat away at me, and eat away at me, and pretty soon, I won’t be able to forget them until the day I die. [Huff! Fold arms across chest, resolute]

Me: Man, fair enough.


  • Insightful!
    I wonder if I when was a child I had anyone tell me this in such a profound way.
    Though there is a time when talking about hurtful things is a vent to relief…that time will show up on its due season.. <3

    Vivian R Palmer HarveyJuly 27, 2013
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