Never For Me Did She Neglect the Smallest Child

Never for me did she neglect

8×10″ marker and pastel on paper
January 19, 2013

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Inspired by the following passage from George MacDonald’s Lilith:

What I did or thought, I referred constantly to her, and rejoiced to believe that, while doing her work in absolute independence, she was most at home by my side.

Never for me did she neglect the smallest child, and my love only quickened my sense of duty.

To love her and to do my duty, seemed, not indeed one, but inseparable. She might suggest something I should do; she might ask me what she ought to do; but she never seemed to suppose that I, any more than she, would like to do, or could care about anything except what must be done.


  • Oh Christi, I love this one!!! I love all of them, this one with this quote speaks to me right now.

    Erin SmithMarch 16, 2013
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