Noticing Beauty

934724_579469235408786_472276085_nAs we drive into Fair Oaks Ranch tonight (where my parents live, close to Boerne):

Claire (6yrs): Annalise, quick, this looks familiar! Roll down your window! That’s important.

Annalise (3yrs): <frantically finds switch, rolls down window obediently>

Claire: <reaches arm out window to feel air, takes a deep breath> Oh my goodness! You’re right Mommy! It SMELLS beautiful. Like fresh water. And it FEELS beautiful, especially the cool air. Annalise, see? Put your hand out the window like Mommy and me, and feel the air.

Annalise: <puts hand out obediently>

Claire: And it LOOKS beautiful! See, there’s a deer! And the stars! They’re so bright, like little beans of light shining down on us. And it SOUNDS beautiful, especially the crickets. You’re right, Mommy!

Annalise: Yes! Mommy, it IS beautiful!!!

Me: <Sigh. I just love them.>

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