Template Post – keep this one around

Some things to make sure you always do:

Always set a feature image. You can do that in the “featured image” box at the bottom right side of the editor. This will be the thumbnail image that shows up on the menu of blog posts for people to choose from.

Always insert the exact same image into the body of the post. When you do, make sure it’s “full size” and “center.” That’s the default right now; you shouldn’t have to worry about this unless you go in and change it at some point.

Whenever you insert an image, always fill out the “meta data.” This is the screen that pops up when you view the image from your media library. The important fields are “title” and “alternate text.” For most viewers, the title will appear kind of like a caption if they just hold their mouse over the image. The alt text (this is the important one) will appear if for some reason the image isn’t loading. So, you can get creative with titles, treat them like commentary, whatever you want. But for the alt tag, you should be very literal – the whole reason it’s there is so that if someone CAN’T see the image, they’ll be in the loop about what they’re missing.

Always select a category, in the “categories” box on the right hand side. You can actually add a new category without even leaving the page, because there’s an “add new category” link right there – turns out you don’t have to go through the steps I told you about before.

In the “tags” box underneath that, you can add what medium you used. Seems like a nice thing to be in the habit of doing, for each piece.

Below the image, where I’m typing now, you can insert the passage that inspired the art.

If you want to, you can insert text that looks like this. Maybe if you want to say something about the passage, and you want to make it clear that you’re not speaking as MacDonald anymore. Or, if you get inspired someday by a passage that has a block quote inside it, you can put the block quote in this format. Just click the quotation mark button inside the editor to apply this format or make it go away again.

Here’s some more text to show you what it would look like.

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