Proper Equipment to Fight

Claire (6yrs): Mom, my birthday is coming up.

Me: Yup.

431033_10100920359169733_596100025_nClaire: And it might be time for you to start visiting toy stores. You know, to scope them out. For me.

Me: Uh huh. Mental note taken.

Claire: Because, you see, picking out the right gifts for a growing girl is a serious matter.

Me: Oh yeah? Might I need your help?

Claire: Possibly so. There IS something I’ve wanted for ever SO LONG.

Me: And what is that?

Claire: A bow and arrow set.

Me: Huh. That actually sounds really fun.

Claire: I just CAN’T dress up like a princess and not have the proper equipment to fight. I need to be a FIGHTING PRINCESS. To protect people.



  • My 6 and 3 year olds have been begging for the exact same thing!

    Grace SchulerJuly 16, 2013
  • You have a proper Shieldmaiden of Rohan on your hands. Well done.

    katyandkennyJuly 16, 2013
  • Hahaha! I ADORE this little gal! She’s right, you know. a Bow and arrow would be most fitting for a fighting princess

    Vivian R Palmer HarveyJuly 16, 2013
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