Kids Stories

2012-12-29 09.39.07

There are things we REALLY need to buy

Claire (7yrs): Mom, I watched TV at Memommie’s house today. Me: <shrug> Not too much, I hope. Claire: No, but Mom, there are things we REALLY need to buy!!! Me: <oh no> Claire: <excited> So, you know the people that make things for your feet?!! Well, now they’re making things for your head, but there […]


We Have a Play for You

The daughters (3 & 6) put on their first surprise drama for me today. As I walked in the front door, Claire (6yrs) – ready and waiting – glided out of nowhere, floating across the room, clothed in her fancy bridesmaid dress, and proceeded to spread fake petals all over the floor. I waited, knowing […]


Are you afraid of God?

Sometimes my daughters let me sleep in, while they get themselves breakfast (and make a mess in the process), and then, as I slowly wake up, I overhear strange conversations between them at the breakfast table. This one’s from this morning: Annalise (3yrs): <laughing to herself about something, probably a game she’s found to play […]

2013-01-26 10.58.25

It’ll Eat Away At Me…..

After picking up Claire from arboretum camp: Me: So did you have fun today, sweet girl? Claire (6yrs): …..Uh…..kind of… Me: Awe, what wasn’t so great about it? Claire: A boy in my class said some mean things to me…. It ….. it hurt my heart. Me: Oh no! I’m so sorry! Did you tell […]


It’s NOT Fair: Gender Issues….

From our conversation during the car-ride home: Claire (6yrs): <enraged, nostrils flaring, voice raised> Mom, you know what’s NOT FAIR about boys and girls?!! Me: <oh no, did some boy tell her today that girls can’t love dragons?> What, sweet girl? Claire: Girls can wear BOTH dresses and pants, but boys can wear ONLY pants. […]