To My Sisters, In Blood and Spirit

To My Sisters, In Blood and in Spirit

To My Sisters, In Blood and in Spirit

8×10″ pen and watercolor on paper
February 3, 2013

Inspired by the following passage from the poem “To a Sister” by George MacDonald:

A fresh young voice that sings to me
So often many a simple thing,
Should surely not unanswered be
By all that I can sing….

A joyful voice though born so low
And making all its neighbors glad;
Sweet, hidden, constant in its flow
Even when the winds are sad.

So strengthen in a peaceful home,
And daily deeper meanings bear;
And when life’s wilderness come
Be brave and faithful there.

Try all the glorious magic range,
Worship, forgive, console, rejoice,
Until the last and sweetest change–
So live and grow, dear voice.

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