We Have a Play for You

555359_10100765041208173_1028425003_nThe daughters (3 & 6) put on their first surprise drama for me today. As I walked in the front door, Claire (6yrs) – ready and waiting – glided out of nowhere, floating across the room, clothed in her fancy bridesmaid dress, and proceeded to spread fake petals all over the floor. I waited, knowing the explanation would come..

Claire: <spreading arms abroad> This is a forest. And these <pointing to petals strewn across floor> are its flowers.

We have a play for you. Please sit down.

I am a princess. She <pointing to Annalise (3yrs)> is a dragon.

Annalise (3yrs): <big smile, looking somewhat befuddled but pleasantly content in that befuddlement, ready to take orders from Claire, the director and main actress extraordinaire> I’m a dragon, and this is my dragon <points to stuffed dragon she is dragging around as a companion>.

Me: Oh. Wow! Okay. <confused, amused, and honestly, really proud and excited inside, and grateful>

The play included at least 5 or 6 scene changes, and yes, was slow at parts, transitions and story arch a bit confusing, but wonderful nevertheless, and delivered with enormous verve and seriousness.

I’ll take it.


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