The Wounded Cow

Wounded Cow

Annalise (6yrs): Mommy, I made this for you!

Me: Awww, thank you! It’s a cute cow.

Annalise: It’s you. Keep it by your bed every night.

Me: Oh …. Okay….

Annalise: You see how her back legs are torn and then re-attached?

Me: Yeah, did you accidentally do that? It’s okay! I still like her.

Annalise: No, Mommy. You don’t understand.

Me: No?

Annalise: She’s been wounded. She’ll never walk right. God let that happen to her.

Me: He did?

Annalise: Yes, but not because He doesn’t love her. See? He’s smiling. He has his big, long arms wrapped around her. He helps her keep walking.

Me: Why doesn’t He heal her all the way?

Annalise: Nobody knows for sure. But I have two really good guesses. First, He wants the cow to remember she needs His love to keep going. Every time it hurts, she remembers Him and feels His arms.

Me: That’s a good guess. What’s your second one?

Annalise: He wants her to see her own wound, every day, and then let that help her find others who are wounded. Then she can really see them and help them. Every time it hurts more, she tries to love more.


I’m bored. Let’s act out an opera!

Claire (9yrs): I’m bored. Let’s listen to an opera and act it out.
Annalise (6yrs): Don Giovanni?
Claire: Yes! Mommy, put on the opera. I’ll be Don Juan. Annalise, you be the girls I make fall in love with me, …. and then leave and break their hearts.
Annalise: Okay! As long as you let me be the stone statue who leads you off to hell at the end.
Me: um, girls …. I don’t think ….
Claire: MOM. It’s fine. Let’s do it!

There are things we REALLY need to buy

2012-12-29 09.39.07

Claire (7yrs): Mom, I watched TV at Memommie’s house today.

Me: <shrug> Not too much, I hope.

Claire: No, but Mom, there are things we REALLY need to buy!!!

Me: <oh no>

Claire: <excited> So, you know the people that make things for your feet?!! Well, now they’re making things for your head, but there are wings on them.

Me: Huh?

Claire: And they flap!

Me: I’m so confused.

Claire (annoyed at my ignorance): Just take me to Target and I’ll find it.

Me: -_-

We Have a Play for You

555359_10100765041208173_1028425003_nThe daughters (3 & 6) put on their first surprise drama for me today. As I walked in the front door, Claire (6yrs) – ready and waiting – glided out of nowhere, floating across the room, clothed in her fancy bridesmaid dress, and proceeded to spread fake petals all over the floor. I waited, knowing the explanation would come..

Claire: <spreading arms abroad> This is a forest. And these <pointing to petals strewn across floor> are its flowers.

We have a play for you. Please sit down.

I am a princess. She <pointing to Annalise (3yrs)> is a dragon.

Annalise (3yrs): <big smile, looking somewhat befuddled but pleasantly content in that befuddlement, ready to take orders from Claire, the director and main actress extraordinaire> I’m a dragon, and this is my dragon <points to stuffed dragon she is dragging around as a companion>.

Me: Oh. Wow! Okay. <confused, amused, and honestly, really proud and excited inside, and grateful>

The play included at least 5 or 6 scene changes, and yes, was slow at parts, transitions and story arch a bit confusing, but wonderful nevertheless, and delivered with enormous verve and seriousness.

I’ll take it.